Anthony Bourdain

The book Kitchen Confidential came out in 2000 and the buzz was already circulating in the foodservice industry on what Anthony Bourdain wrote about the restaurant business. During that time I was living in the Bay Area and cooking in San Francisco. When I heard about it I was excited to pick up a copy and read what he wrote. After reading Kitchen Confidential, I felt a connection with Bourdain’s work and him as a chef, I related to him because he gave a voice to what was it like in our business.
I witness his career path from being the head chef at Les Halles in New York City to his television shows on the Food Network and the Travel Channel. He also wrote many books on food culture, which I have read and loved. In his early years of No Reservation, Bourdain seemed happy with his work, traveling the world, sampling food from so many cultures and telling the story of his travels. His sense of humor and his writing was entertaining and capturing. His success and fame were gradually climbing and his work was getting attention from more audiences. By the time when he started Parts Unknow, Bourdain was already a household name. But I notice a shift with him, in his last two seasons of Parts Unknown, he didn’t seem happy. If you look at his earlier works with NO Reservations to the last season of Parts Unknown, he had changed. His persona on camera was different. His personal life had changed also with his separation with his wife Ottavia and the relationship with Asia Argento. For him to take his own life at the peak of his career was shocked by everyone.
I never got to meet him, I always imagine sitting down and having a drink with him and talk about things we both are interested in. Anthony Bourdain has influenced me in many ways, about traveling, experiencing a new culture and its food. Telling a story about someone else from the different sides of the world. He was also an inspiration on writing my food bloq

Anthony Bourdain, thank you for your work and your contribution to the world.

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