Is ordering a well done steak a crime?

Well, that all depends on the individual who is consuming the steak, right? After asking this question from varies people from a wide spectrum of background I concluded that the answer is, one, personal preference, two, the geographic upbringing of an individual, three, culture or ethnic background of that person and four, the quality of the steak and where it is produced. Growing up here in the U.S. the majority of people prefer their steak from medium-rare to a medium and the quality of beef that’s raised here is in high quality. As we travel outside of the U.S. lets say Mexico, I notice they like their steak medium well and well done, the same goes for when you are in Taiwan, people they prefer a well-done steak. I like my steak medium-rare to medium with a nice pink in the middle as you cut into it and with the juices still intact with tenderness texture. I think except for Kobe beef from Japan cooking it to well done should be unlawful and sacrilegious with that type of high quality of beef. So what’s your temperature preference on a steak? Leave a comment and let me know why.


  1. It’s funny Peter when I was a kid growing up eating steaks or prime ribs I would always get it well done or the end kind of a prime rib, but now I like it bloody I’m a changed man and the food is much better with all that flavor from the juice.

    • Darryl, sometimes the sight of blood freaks people out and ordering a well done steak looses its natural juice. Have you ever had Kobe A5 steak from Japan? The marbling on that is beautiful with lots of fat that turns into flavor when cooked a medium rare. A must try if you love steak.

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