Mis en place is my religion

In French mis en place means ” everything in its place” this is a term I learned in culinary school and working in professional kitchens. It refers as your set up required before executing service. Organization and arrangement are the life line of a professional cook. The mantra of work fast, work clean and work safe is a reminder for cooks to operate with a sense of urgency in the kitchen. Your mis en place consist of your cooking equipment, tools, ingredients and etc. It can also be strategically placing an item in a certain place that gives you efficiency to produce food during service. In my early years of cooking in professional kitchens I used to have nightmares about my mis en place, waking up in the middle of night in a pool of sweat, trying to remember if I cover all the steps and task of my mis en place. To this day, I still constantly think about my mis en place it has become part of me and my work. For cooks all over the world, we practice this term as part of our religion.

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