Taipei, Taiwan

The Portuguese called Taiwan, Formosa which means ” Beautiful island” a term which fits the description of this subtropical island. The climate gives its lush green mountains and winding rivers a pleasant visual view. Know for its food and a destination for travelers from all over the world come here to eat their way around.

I’m mainly here in Taipei to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday and reconnecting with my relatives. However a culinary adventure are on the agenda during my stay. Please check in as I post what I eat and the places I visit. Happy traveling.

This place is know for its awesome xio lum bao
Xio loung bao or soup dumplings

Staying in the Xindian district in Southern Taipei where my parents are living at. Mom was telling me about a place that has great xio lum bao that’s better than Din Tai Fung. As you walk in the small restaurant it has a open kitchen where you can see the kitchen staff prepare their mis en place. We order 2 steamed basket of this famous dumpling and some side dishes for our lunch. As I bite into the dumpling the pork gelatin oozing out from the pork fat had a broth like flavor. The skin of the dumpling was thin and elastic. The texture of the dumpling was sublime and comforting. Xio lum bao originated in Shanghai and made its popularity in Taiwan and all over the world. The difference between the Shanghainese and Taiwanese dumpling is the skin. The Taiwanese version has a thinner skin compare to the dumplings from Shanghai and its usually stuffed with ground pork, scallion and ginger accompanied by black vinegar and julienned ginger.

Taipei is a modern city with great public transportation to get around. The MRT, the subway system is easily access and inexpensive. You can also rent bikes to get around Taipei which makes a great way for sightseeing. Taxis and Uber service is also available through out the city.

One of the things I notice walking in Taipei is that its safe and very clean. The locals are friendly and eager to help you out with questions about their city. Another thing you would notice is the abundance of food options here, from the popular night markets to fine dinning, Taipei has a lot to offer when it comes to gastronomy and food culture.

Shin Tung Nan Seafood Restaurant know for its banquet menu and live seafood. Here are some of the dishes from our lunch.

Sashimi platter
Fried fish skin, calamari sausage, and Hainanese chicken
Crab with sweet chili sauce
Deep fried softshell crab
Abalone and scallops
Soup with abalone, scallops, and pork
Steamed fish with chili and green peppercorn
Steamed shrimp with scallion
Rice noodle soup with mushroom and scallion
Stir fried squid with leeks
Steamed bun stuffed with red beans

My last day here in Taipei. As I think about my experience here in the country where I was born it has reminded me of my Taiwanese heritage and the history of this beloved island. Next year in January they will elect a new president and the outcome of that election will determine the future for this country and its political relationship with mainland China. Taiwan will always be a symbol of democracy for the Chinese people and its culture. As I close this journey, a new chapter will be written about Taiwan on my next visit. Happy traveling my friends.

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